The Way of the Psychic Heart
​Developing Your Spiritual Gifts in the Everyday World


     Everyone is psychic. It's completely normal, a natural state we are born into. Some people have a knack for using psychic abilities while others have to work hard to develop their skills. It's the same as being athletic or having an aptitude for science or the arts; to some these skills come easier than to others.

     The Way of the Psychic Heart seeks to level the playing field by showing readers how to develop, or strengthen, their natural psychic abilities through a series of easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Ultimately these gifts spring from the heart and The Way of the Psychic Heart shows readers how to connect more deeply with our spiritual, psychic selves.

     Integrate your spiritual side into everyday life through simple instructions, quizzes, journal prompts, exercises, and personal stories from the author. Overcome internal doubts that prevent you from achieving your potential, and build on the character strengths you already possess. With this book’s guidance for developing natural abilities and manifesting spiritual intention, you’ll bring the psychic heart into everything you do.

     The Way of the Psychic Heart is available in bookstores around the world and online. Commit to a deeper connection with your self and buy your copy today!


"This deeply thoughtful book provides the reader with the foundation necessary to not only strengthen heart-centered psychic abilities, but to thrive in over-all wellbeing. . .[it's] a joy to read and is destined to become a psychic's best companion."

Elaine Clayton, artist and author of Makings Marks

"Readers will enjoy learning about the role of the heart in extraordinary experiences, spirituality, and ESP."

Henry Reed, PhD, author of Awakening Your Psychic Powers

"A must read for beginners who want to open their intuition and psychic abilities."

Mary Getten, author of the Nautilus Award-winning book, Communicating with Orcas

"One of the most insightful & entertaining publications on the subject of psychism."

Spiritual Books UK

"Awesome book! very easy to digest and full of great, basic starter exercises for protection, expansion and learning. Highly recommended- one friend commented that it was on her list and had I known, I would have ordered two!"

Wendy Arnott

Goodreads reviewer

"No matter what your beliefs are on psychic abilities this book is a good source of inner calm and self belief.."


Goodreads & Amazon reviews

"While this book is a "how-to" manual for developing psychic gifts, I think it would benefit anyone who wants to live a heart-centered life. I highly recommend this book."


Amazon & YouTube reviews

"I really enjoyed this book. I would recommend this for anyone at any level of psychic development as I’m sure there are new ideas and ways of doing things to be learned and enjoyed. I found it an easy read and could easily relate to what Chad was saying as his wealth of experience and love of what he does shines through his writing."

Kim Arnold

UK Tarot Conference 2016