Welcome & blessings!

Chad Mercree writer

Thank you so much for checking out my site. I'll try to post more content soon. I spend most of my time outside so sitting in front of my computer can be a Herculean task for me. . .

In the meantime, please continue sending me your questions about any of my books. I respond right away and I love to hear from you!

This year (2020) I have two books coming out. The first is/was an Indian edition of A Little Bit of Buddha! It's incredible to see my book on the life and early teachings of the Buddha being published in the country where Buddhism began.

And this May, Sterling is publishing a A Little Bit of Chakras Workbook. It's a companion study guide to A Little Bit of Chakras.

Also, you may have noticed that my last name is now Chad Brunette. That's actually my family last name and I spent the last couple years jumping through all the legal hoops to get it changed. And yes my hair color is brunette so it's perfect! (Well, what's left of my hair is brunette haha.)

Dear Readers,

     Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write me. You inspire me with your stories of courage, hope and wisdom. Each one of us has psychic abilities, and every month I'm amazed by your stories of personal awakening, trusting your intuition, dreams and visions, and blossoming self-love and self-confidence.

     It's easy in this world to be swept away by the strength of other people's thoughts and beliefs, and it takes a lot of courage to believe in ourselves enough to travel our own path and listen to our own heart's guidance, especially when we have no logical reason to do so. Oftentimes the brain leads us astray in its attempt to create a safe, known world for us to live in. But it's our heart's gift to us to pierce through 'reality' in a sudden flash of insight and lead us into a more complete version of who we truly are.

     One thing our hearts often do is lead us down a challenging path, challenging because it's new or foreign to our way of living. Our heart is connected to our higher self, our true self, our awakened self, whatever you want to call it, and it constantly seeks ways for our daily self to align more fully with our higher self. Sort of like an inner marriage of the two. The more closely aligned our inner and outer lives are, the more fluid and free we feel and the more expansive and compassionate our hearts are.

     Whether at work, home, in nature, our own creative projects, socially, etc, the heart seeks authenticity between who we are on the inside and how we express ourselves to the outer world. It can take many lifetimes to actualize this connection, something akin to buffing dirt off a diamond so that light shines through it perfectly without any dimming at all. And when our inner diamond shines brightly, that is enlightenment.

     We all walk unique paths, and I respect the mysterious ways we all meet up at the same center the moment we awaken. Wishing all of you a speedy awakening!

Chad, March 23rd, 2020